These are the 3 best ways to wear pastel colors

Maridruna has built its recognition in the world thanks to a combination of soft pastel tones. Mix of gentle hues of pink, lilac, blue, yellow, turquoise and the inevitable neutralizer - white, brought us not only the most beautiful Maridruna models, but also bestsellers for several years. Why is it so, we reveal it below.

Most fashion-conscious girls run away from pastels, especially from a combination of pastel shades – the reasons for that lie in the fact that you can’t escape – pastels remind us of kindergarten or, at best, the teenage period. The older we get, the more we resort to dark tones and neutral outfits.

However, we want to show that this does not have to be the case. Primarily because playing it safe isn’t fun. Fashion is there to play with! It has always been like that. A good fashion combination can not only make you beutiful, but also your complete day – and colors play a huge role in this fashion process.

The comment we usually get from our customers is that Maridruna sweaters improve their mood, that they instantly feel better in them. Of course (just as we mentioned earlier) the colors and their combinations are most responsible for that. So by no means do not underestimate pastels and their power. Especially if the model in question is not intended for little girls and this models are definetly not!

And this is the part  were we come to tailoring. Maridruna’s sweaters stand out with their modern cuts, most models boast accentuated straps that, thanks to this shape, automatically give each styling a note of elegance. There are always super trendy oversize cuts, but also those that emphasize the body line – like the always welcome line of the waist.

That is why it is number 1 on our list as a must-tailoring.

1. Tailoring

During design, Mariana always tries to make her models more feminine and more chic pieces, because why wouldn’t a sweater be that? For this reason, almost all Maridruna models can be combined in an elegant way. If you want to give your pastel combination a serious and chic tone, do it the same way – a mix of soft colors and a statement of the cut will be a winning combination. Well-tailored pants, a skirt or a blazer and, of course, accessories – a neutral color but a more striking design.

Unique Rainbow Bolero

Maya Cardigan

Fiona Rainbow Cardigan

2. Jeans or monochrome look

When it comes to pastels, light-colored jeans are an unmistakable choice. Whether you opt for jeans, a skirt or a denim jacket – you cant go wrong with this combination. If you are striving for a look that is a little more sophisticated, try a monochrome approach. The monochrome way of combining implies the same colors but different tones. For example, the classic Maridruna model in Rainbow tones can look great if the rest of the combination is stylized in tone of light pink or light blue.

Fiona Rainbow Cardigan/themariaeast

Rainbow Cardigan/sarajoofficial

3. Bright colors

Break the monotony of the expected with the addition of bright colors! As we have already said, fashion is here to play, and you can raise the game to a much higher level if you are just a little encouraged and add, say, bright green or purple and pink to your styling. Get out of your comfort zone squeeze and experiment. Of course, only if you feel good, don’t force anything.

Rainbow Cardigan

Rainbow Cardigan

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