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Refundable returns and Product replacement policy

We do not accept refundable returns, but reasons for that are very simple. We are handmade knitwear and each knit piece is unique. Our artisians are mothers and grandmothers, who knit diligently all over the country. A lot of love, attention and effort has been put into each thread. Knigting it is very valuable knowledge today, because the tradition of knitting in Serbia is passed down from generation to generation, which is why Maridruna considers her knitted pieces sacred. Each sweater is a small work of art that is unique. Every handmade product when tried changes its definition and adapts to your body. Our fashion philosophy relies on sustainability principles through viewing clothes as: unique, quality pieces that can last for decades and will be equally loved. If the piece you ordered does not suit you in any way, you can always give it as a gift, keeping in mind that you have a small work of art, on which one of the knitters from our team worked hard for days. We appeal to our customers to always have these important facts before they decide to buy any of Maridruna handmade pieces and think of returnig it back. You can always replace your product with any of the other Maridrun products, our artisian from our team can make you a custom made piece that will suit you better, if that is a problem. All of our knitwear are made by hands, whic is a priceless piace of art, that’s way we expect a level of responsibility from our customers, we take our work seriously and so should they.

Maridruna - where luxury meets ethical responsibility through handmade knitwear and accessories. We collaborate with a community of knitters, some with over 60+ years of experience. Together, we focus on every fibre type, texture and twist in the yarn to deliver a luxury handmade product with a contemporary design.