We have a vision to contain, to be sustainable, to maintain what we learned and to learn from each other. Like a process of making the first knot, we are making our products both shabby and structured, but we want to believe that the thread of our business philosophy is a never-ending cycle of craft-womanship, a healing and powerful principle that we want to imprint in this day and age.

Standing for re-creation instead of solipsistic creativity, we are following what our predecessors taught us: procreating the principle of feminine strength which is inseparable from the power of creation and vulnerability. Wool is gentle, and it is the first fabric that a toddler feels as a mothers skin. Our mission is to spread that visceral feeling to the people and build a healthy comfort zone for the largest organ of the human body – our skin.

Hand-made creations of elders allow the new generations to experience the spirit of time that is barely present in today’s world. Following the most logical law, the law of nature, we are on a quest to give birth to something that exceeds time. We give back what was given to us: ancestral tradition for modern times, made to leave a timeless mark.

Circular principle is present in every part of our work: doing what we were taught, weaving how we saw it and owing all of that to the elders.

Our main idea is that unique things are always made of love, and that comfort belongs to everybody. Style principle based on sustainable standards: fashion pieces worn for generations. Classics that the grandmother will give to her grandchildren, and the mother will gladly borrow from her daughter.

Maridruna - where luxury meets ethical responsibility through handmade knitwear and accessories. We collaborate with a community of knitters, some with over 60+ years of experience. Together, we focus on every fibre type, texture and twist in the yarn to deliver a luxury handmade product with a contemporary design.