MARIDRUNA – Where luxury meets sustainable principle through handmade knitwear and accessories.

Fashion that is beautiful, warm, sustainable, trendy and has a soul at the same time – this was the goal with which Mariana Andrić launched MARIDRUNA brand in 2015. She wants to revitalize old crafts, encourage and help women’s local communities in Serbia, the country that nurtures the heritage of traditional wool crafts.

Our main idea is that unique things are always made of love, and that comfort belongs to everybody. Also, a style principle based on sustainable standards: fashion pieces worn for generations. Classics that the grandmother will give to her grandchildren, and the mother will gladly borrow from her daughter.

MARIDRUNA believes that luxury is not the privilege of the chosen ones, and natural process of making and limited quantity of fabrics is the reason that pieces are one of a kind, not the desire for exclusivity.

Senior female artisans from various ethnic communities in Serbia are our most treasured value. There is something in their hands, more than a skill, that only decades of experience and life of craft-womanship can instill.

Mariana collaborates with a community of knitters, some with over 60+ years of experience. Together, they focus on every fibre type, texture and twist in the yarn to deliver a luxury handmade product with a contemporary design.

We are sustainable fashion brand that caters to the modern international woman.

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